Kid-to-Kid: A Facilitator’s Guide to Empowering Students through Open Discussion


By Marcia Rogat

Kid-to-Kid offers teachers, counselors, and advisors an opportunity to guide young adolescents toward personal empowerment through dynamic and meaningful group discussions. Over a dozen important teen topics are addressed, including sections on peer pressure, sexuality, friendship, and diversity. Each topic contains specific, easy-to-use questions that gently lead students toward fresh insight and increased awareness as they participate in both speaking and listening with an open heart.

Marcia Rogat provides clear directions, backed by years of personal experience, to help facilitators establish respectful discussions that promote empathy, generate self-confidence, and build understanding between teachers and students.

Effective across all disciplines and ability levels, this inspirational guidebook allows educators to honor the voice of every student, validate each child’s personal strengths, and celebrate the growing integrity of our youth.

Kid-to-Kid: A Facilitator’s Guide to Empowering Students through Open Discussion
Creative Thought Press, 2004
ISBN# 9672206-3-7
Paperback; 162 pages
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Would you like to foster a school community built upon compassion, honesty, and trust? Are you interested in helping young teens use their personal power in positive ways?

“Kid-to-Kid is an incredibly user-friendly book that should be in the hands of every person who works with young teens! Marcia has put together one of the best tools yet for reaching out and touching the hearts of our students.”
—P. Breece, teacher, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Do you want a caring and effective method of encouraging adolescents to articulate their ideas as they also learn to listen respectfully to others? Now you can easily do all of this and more!” (goes with the quote below?)

“As a result of using your book, I see my students in a whole new light. They have let me into their world, and it has helped me be a better teacher and a better person when I am with them.”
—S. Ritter, teacher, Cary, North Carolina