Star of Solomon from Steven Rogat

The Star of Solomon is an ancient symbol used to fight off the “evil eye,” negativity, and illness. This breathing and movement exercise focuses our intent on expressing gratitude, receiving abundance, and increasing the effectiveness of the immune system.   Take five minutes to try this simple, sacred technique, and immediately experience a positive shift in your energy.

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Introduction to Steven Rogat’s Trance Channeling

Join Steven for a short introduction to his work as a trance medium.  Individuals who have not previously attended a group trance channeling with Steven, either in person or virtually, are kindly requested to view this brief video prior to joining the group. Along with anecdotes about his own journey into channeling, Steven highlights important information that enables participants to get the most out of their experience.


“Spirit Journeys encourages anyone to work with the Light when resolving issues with Earthly spirits. Your text offers wonderful, loving steps to follow when healing and releasing these entities—steps that are not found in other books concerning the subject. Thank you for this excellent and very timely book!”
— Lou Dunn Diekemper, Ph.D. Lubbock, Texas, Author

“Steven defines Shamanic practice in terms of our relationship with ourselves, our own thoughts and actions, and a respect for all life…evolving interactive processes between memories, beliefs, and creative manifestations. Healing Thoughts has the kind of quality and appeal we look for…”
—NAPRA ReView, Recommended Health Title

“Kid-to-Kid is an incredibly user-friendly book that should be in the hands of every person who works with young teens! Marcia has put together one of the best tools yet for reaching out and touching the hearts of our students.”
—P. Breece, teacher, Manitou Springs, Colorado