Who We Are

The Creative Thought Center, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was founded in 1987 by the husband and wife team of Steven Rogat and Marcia Rogat.

stevenrogatSteven Rogat

A dynamic facilitator and innovative therapist, Steven Rogat is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, nationally certified counselor, body worker, and hypnotherapist with a master’s degree in psychology and an extensive background in alternative therapies. He is a certified trainer for Callahan Techniques’ Thought Field Therapy. He brings to his practice over 30 years of experience with hypnotherapy, EMDR (eye movement therapy), bodywork, and indigenous healing modalities from the Hawaiian, Mexican, and Native American traditions.

Following extensive studies in Hindu and Buddhist meditation as well as Native American and Hawaiian Shamanism, Steven uses his intuitive abilities to help clients navigate a pathway toward health. Seeing the energy connections between mind and body, he is able to help people identify and clear-up mental and emotional causes of dis-ease. Working with the body’s energy patterns, the mind’s thoughts, and the soul’s desires, he facilitates healing that integrates and reflects upon all aspects of the Self. In a confidential and professional setting, he works with individuals, couples, adolescents, and families.

Steven has served as an adjunct professor in Colorado and North Carolina. His work has been well received by health, business, and educational institutions and spiritual organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Public appearances, lectures, radio shows, metaphysical fairs, and workshops are just a part of the rich experience he brings to the healing profession as a psychotherapist, hospice volunteer, and co-founder, with his wife, Marcia, of the Creative Thought Center.

Author of numerous columns and articles, he also has two books available. Healing Thoughts: Applying Therapeutic Shamanism in Your Daily Life and Spirit Journeys: Freeing the Soul in this Life and Beyond (Also available on Amazon Kindle, entitled Ghosts in the Mist: A Healing Dialogue with Spirit). His column, The Body/Mind Health Corner can be accessed through several national publications.


Marcia Rogat

Marcia Rogat has a Master’s degree in counseling and a life filled with experience in working with adolescents, their parents, and their teachers. An educator and school counselor in Colorado and North Carolina for over twenty years, her experience also includes working on the Navajo Indian Reservation and in south Australia. Known for her keen intuition and quick humor, Marcia brings audiences an opportunity to laugh at themselves, to discover unrecognized potential, and to easily embrace new understanding and growth.

Marcia is a nationally certified trainer in sexuality education and diversity awareness. She has worked with teachers and administrators throughout the US and the Virgin Islands, helping educators learn how to better meet the needs of students. With expertise in advisory programs, transition into and out of middle school, and anti-violence curriculum, Marcia has been a highly regarded consultant to universities, school boards, and parent groups, and she has also authored numerous articles in educational journals.

As co-founder of the Creative Thought Center, Marcia has facilitated many workshops in healing, shamanism, breath work, and intuitive development. Her first book, Spirit Journeys: Freeing the Soul in this Life and Beyond (Also available on Amazon Kindle, entitled Ghosts in the Mist: A Healing Dialogue with Spirit), was co-written with her husband, Steven. Her second book, Kid-to-Kid: A Facilitator’s Guide to Empowering Students through Open Discussion, is a valuable resource for teachers, counselors and advisors of middle school students.

“Steven and Marcia work so well together as a team. They create an atmosphere of ease and delight, a place where it is easy to learn.”
—L. Brill, Dance Instructor, Chapel Hill, NC

“…A truly inspired couple…A profound experience for all of us…Skilled professionals, modeling a deep reverence, vitality, and authenticity that only comes from true knowledge.”
—Rev. Oristaglio, Transforming Love CommUNITY Church, Chapel Hill, NC