Healing Sessions


Healing takes many forms and is available to everyone. As we become more aware of the powerful connections between body, mind, and Spirit, we can consciously choose to create greater health and harmony in our daily life.

The Creative Thought Center brings people a unique opportunity to experience a personal journey of their own healing. No matter what their symptoms — physical ailments, emotional stress, career challenges, relationship issues — every person can learn how to release limiting thoughts, beliefs, and life patterns that inadvertently create dis-ease. We can rediscover the potential of our own spiritual freedom, our ability to love and be loved, and our natural state of peacefulness and joy.

There are many pathways to healing, and clients are encouraged to participate with us in selecting those techniques that will be most helpful in meeting the needs of their unique circumstances. Private appointments are available in a relaxed, confidential setting, and some consultations are available by telephone for those unable to travel to the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area.

Read about our various healing modalities:

Brief Psychotherapy

With an eclectic approach favoring cognitive-behavioral models, brief psychotherapy can help clients define an issue and become more aware of choices in how to respond.  This may also include instruction in self-hypnosis and in mindfulness mediation practices. Useful in resolving deep, inner conflicts as well as current, challenging difficulties with others and our environment.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

The client visually tracks the therapist’s hand movements, inducing a state in which the client can process feelings, beliefs, and memories on deeper levels. Release emotional pain and attachment to limiting thoughts from the past. Install relaxation and Higher truths about yourself. Gain a new sense of inner peace and acceptance.

Hands-on Healing and Energy Work

The energy in and around the body reflects thought patterns. Blocked energy reveals limiting beliefs, feelings, and fears. Hands-on Spiritual and Shamanic healing, acupressure, trigger point and polarity therapy, imagery, relaxation, and positive thought all help to clear the limitations, feelings, and energy.

Explore how stress effects all of life’s relationships — physical, mental, emotional, Spiritual, personal, and professional. Replace tension and limiting thoughts with relaxation and positive beliefs about yourself and others. Useful in pain control, weight management, objectivity in relationships, medical hypnosis, and healing dis-ease. Self-hypnosis and regression work are also available.

Intuitive Consultations

Gain insight into the patterns and lessons you are experiencing right now in your life. Learn how important feedback is reflected in your health, career, money, surroundings, and relationships. Explore alternate futures and understand where today’s decisions are leading you. Empower yourself, claim your strengths, and make enlightened choices!

In addition to clairvoyant messages, Tarot and/or Numerology may be used to bring forth practical, tangible, healing information.

Integrated Breath Work

Using the breath to connect with Spirit, the client allows the emergence and release of limiting thoughts while focusing upon the acceptance of infinite, unconditional love. How we came into this lifetime at birth often reflects many of our lessons and unconscious limiting beliefs. Integrated breath work provides an opportunity to bring to our awareness a conscious choice to live with more love, joy, and health.

Shamanic Healing

A Shaman has learned how to navigate the Spiritual realms that extend beyond our typical awareness of physical time and space. Relying upon his/her ability to connect with Spirit, the Shamanic practitioner journeys to alternate dimensions for information and insight that facilitate healing. By taking the client with him or by bringing back to the client an awareness of his experience, a Shaman helps others heal the past, celebrate the present, and create the future.

Shamanic work may include any of the following tools for healing:

Soul Retrievals Parts of our Spirit can become lost or disowned as we struggle to cope with the traumas and confusing experiences of life. Without realizing it, many of us have cast aside pieces of our Self in order to survive pain or deal with overwhelming emotions. Within relationships, we may also “give” a part of ourselves to other people. We can become whole again! Let us journey with you or for you to recover lost aspects of your Soul. Reintegrate your whole Self, discovering the nature of unconditional love and forgiveness, as you welcome back and bless your newly recovered strengths.

Power Animal Retrievals Every animal upon the earth possesses unique strengths that contribute to its perfect niche in the web of life. From the meekest mouse to the boldest lion, each creature brings forth a set of resources and celebrates his rightful place in the world. Now you can consciously draw upon their strengths and resources by inviting your personal power animals to guide you! Learn to heed their call, beckon their talents, and integrate their strengths. They are there, waiting and ready, to lend you a greater awareness of your connection to Earth and Spirit.

Spirit Extractions Occasionally people may find themselves interacting with the souls of earthbound spirits who have disincarnated. These spirits may include people with whom we are not complete, strangers who have “attached” themselves to us, or entities within our energy that represent dis-ease. Holding on to these spirits can lead to exhaustion, confusion, and illness. With guidance from the Spiritual realms, we can help you release earthbound souls and unwanted intruders—helping both them and yourself move toward healing. Find out more about this topic on our Workshops and Books pages.

Grief Work Learn how to let go, forgive yourself and others, and release disembodied spirits to the Higher realms. We can help you complete communications, understand lessons, and heal both the departing spirit and yourself as you surrender to the infinite power of unconditional love. Bring the Light back into your life, and move forward with joy. Find out more about this topic in Spirit Journeys: Freeing the Soul in this Life and Beyond.

Thought Field Therapy

Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy™ (TFT) is a new, dynamic, interactive approach to healing. The “thought field” reflects our life experiences and their impact upon our feelings, thoughts, and energy. As physical or emotional stressors in our life create disturbances in the thought field, they may leave an imprint that inhibits specific energy meridians and creates negative or limiting emotions. Through guided self-acupressure, these disturbances can be cleared up—often within minutes—as the energy meridians are re-opened, allowing body and mind to once again cooperate in health and harmony.

Highly effective with adults, children, groups, and even animals, TFT is simple, non-invasive, and easily applied. An amazingly diverse treatment, it has been successful in healing trauma, anxiety, phobias, chronic pain, physical dis-ease stressors, allergic reactions, and more! One session is often enough to bring tangible results, although many people are so pleased with the outcome that they return to address different needs along their healing journey.

If you like the idea of a brief therapy that addresses both physical and emotional stressors while working with the body’s energy, TFT may be for you. To find out more about Thought Field Therapy, you may contact steven@creativethought.org with your name and telephone number.

For counselors, healers, body-workers and therapists interested in learning how to incorporate TFT into their practice, participation in a Creative Thought Seminar is a way to earn continuing education credits. For more information, please visit our Workshops page.

“Steven, as a volunteer with Operation Katrina Relief, your call to service is humbling, and reflects great credit upon yourself and your profession. Your dedication and selfless services speaks volumes. I am honored to have served with you.”
—F. Theos, LCSW, Department of Health and Human Services, FEMA

“Steven is excellent in his therapeutic work and teaching, extremely professional, and is highly qualified in a variety of healing areas.”
—S. Heflin, Ed.D., Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Thank you for the meaningful workshop and the private sessions. They were very worthwhile. I have had several tell me how much they enjoyed your teaching.”
—The Odyssey Bookstore/Unity Church, Lubbock, Texas