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Creative Thought Center offers a variety of workshops open to the public as well as specifically tailored lectures and seminars to meet the particular needs of groups, businesses, and educational institutions.

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Below is a sampling of the many classes available. Only those designated with the NCBTMB logo NCBTMB ACEP Logoare available for NCBTMB continuing education credit hours.  However, all courses are open to professionals, lay persons, and anyone interested in learning and personal growth.


The Thought Body    NCBTMB ACEP Logo

DAY ONE:  The Thought Body: Basic Introduction
DAY TWO: The Thought Body: Practicum and Mastery

When emotional turmoil, stress, and illness enter our experience, we can learn to take charge of our own healing. By becoming more aware of limiting beliefs and symbolic messages reflected within the body and the environment, we can consciously let go of dis-ease. With intent and focus, we can complete the past, heal the present and create a healthy future.

The Thought Body offer powerful insight and clear direction, enabling us, with creative thought, to become more aware of limiting beliefs reflected within the body and the environment and to move toward wholeness within our relationships, our bodies, our selves.

Discover how our thoughts create our environment and how physical ailments provide a symbolic pathway that can lead us toward greater health, success, and loving relationships.

Basic Introduction Learning Objectives

By the end of these workshops, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize events in the environment and physical body as symbolic of one’s limiting and/or positive thoughts, and use those symbols to heal the personal environment.
  • Develop a sensitivity to others’ thoughts and feelings, yet “ground” and set boundaries.
  • Express Unconditional Positive Regard through imagery and breath to effect positive energy and emotional transfer, being response-able to others, not for them.
  • Use metaphor to work with thoughts, emotions, and the environment in relation to the human energy systems, energy centers, and polarity channels.
  • Have a working knowledge of body dialogue, imagery, yogic breathing, instantaneous relaxation, kinesiology and self-healing.
  • Use a cognitive-behavioral approach to help release limitations and stress within the mental and emotional body, reaching a greater number and variety of clients.

Practicum and Mastery Learning Objectives

  • Apply the skills acquired in The Thought Body: Basic Introduction.
  • Explore “expressive physio-therapy”: body movement to release tension from the emotional and thought bodies.
  • More readily recognize physical ailments as symbolic of one’s limiting thoughts, & use those symbols to heal the personal environment.
  • Work with metaphor applying changes to the energy systems, energy centers & polarity channels clients need to work with, and tailor these techniques for individual clients.
  • Gain certainty in using body dialogue, imagery, the yogic energizing breath, instant relaxation, kinesiology and self-healing techniques.
  • Release specific stressors in the emotional and thought bodies to accelerate healing.

Use stress as a tool to achieve goals, breathe easily, speak freely, and love deeply.

Creative Thought Seminars, Steven Rogat, is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Approved Provider number 303442-00. Creative Thought Seminars offers .65 contact hours of continuing education credit for each day of The Thought Body training.

The Thought Body workshops are open to all people, but are a MUST for healers and bodyworkers!


For those people wishing to promote the workshops themselves or through their own organization, a minimum of 4 participants (locally) are needed. Additional participants are needed for out-of-town workshops. Contact us to discuss details.


Callahan Techniques – Thought Field Therapy  NCBTMB ACEP Logo

Basic Algorithm Training and Certification

This dynamic, interactive approach to healing is a safe and effective technique for the elimination of emotional distress. It provides immediate relief for post-traumatic stress disorders, addictions, phobias, depression, anxieties, and more by directly treating the blockage in the energy flow created by a disturbing thought pattern. With the client’s use of key meridian points in specific sequences, TFT eliminates negative feelings previously associated with a thought pattern.

Disturbances in the body’s energy systems are responsible for causing negative emotions and behavior in addition to exacerbating physical problems, allergic reactions, and more. The TFT techniques offer a gentle method of learning to quickly eliminate these disturbances.

This truly holistic approach is a mind-body treatment using a combination psychotherapy, modern science, Oriental medicine, and the body’s own energy system. Effective with adults, children, groups, and even animals, TFT is amazingly diverse by itself or as a compliment to other therapies. You will be amazed at the instant, lasting results!

Learning Objectives:

  • To be knowledgeable of the theory and practice of Thought Field Therapy.
  • To be able to use Thought Field Therapy effectively with clients.
  • To be able to help clients with depression, anxiety, anger, trauma responses and more.
  • To explore any impediments to treatment and methods of reducing and/or eliminating those impediments.
  • To identify the role of individual sensitivities and their role in the treatment process.
  • To know when to refer clients to other, more advanced TFT practitioners.
  • To have access to advanced trainings and other resources for professional development.


Intuitive Opening

Identify, explore and develop your own unique psychic gifts. Draw upon ancient Hawaiian traditions to expand your awareness and experience multiple dimensions of healing. READ MORE

Everyone can apply these gentle techniques to communicate in the world of Spirit through seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. Connect with personal Guidance as you use your intuition to heal your relationships, your body, your self.

In this dynamic experiential workshop, participants will discover tools and techniques for sending and receiving messages, channeling Spirit, staying grounded, and facilitating healing. Both beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.


Intuitive Mastery

Prerequisite: Intuitive Opening
Develop your intuition at a level you can trust and rely upon, and use this awareness to facilitate physical and emotional healing!

Participants in this advanced course will become more comfortable and confident with their personal, intuitive gifts and how to use them to create greater health, harmony, and joy. Class members will practice applying hands-on energy transfer and polarity therapy techniques with ease and assurance.

Become more adept at identifying limiting thoughts, and learn a variety of techniques for energizing positive thoughts to manifest tangible, desired results. Access your inner, spiritual Guidance more easily for direction and insight.

This course may be taught in a two-day seminar or as an evening class meeting regularly over a period of weeks.


Channeling, Merging and Shape-shifting

Share in the magic of all that surrounds you and become one with the creative and loving elements of nature and Spirit! Discover how to set personal limitations aside and move into a realm of healing that allows Spirit to move, speak, and act through you with growing intent and clarity.

This experiential workshop will bring participants greater appreciation of their own personal power as they experience the wonder and awe of their enduring connection with Spirit. With a commitment to channel the highest energies available to us, we open new pathways toward awareness, understanding, and inner peace.

This process not only expands our own physical, emotional, and Spiritual growth, but provides tangible access to Guidance as we reach out to support others on the healing journey.


Earthbound Spirits: Helping Them Onward

Ghosts, earthbound spirits, the wandering souls of loved ones, the near dead, and astral travelers are all around us. Learn to distinguish between house ghosts and personal ghosts. Access the healing trance state instantly. Find out how you can communicate with out-of-body spirits, why ghosts are attracted to certain locations, and how you can help lost and confused souls find peace.

Share in the lessons of compassion, communication and forgiveness. With a commitment to Spirit and a focus on healing, everyone can move toward a more restful state of completion and peace.

This experiential workshop is geared toward metaphysicians, therapists, clergy, and anyone interacting or working with the dead or dying.


Hawaiian Shamanism

Based on the ancient mysteries of the Pacific islanders, the gentle and harmonious energies of the adventurer shaman are awakened in every participant.

Learn how to let go of physical ailments, commune with nature spirits, and release limiting thoughts that create emotional turmoil. Heal yourself and others through shamanic journeying, communication with Spirit, and ritual.

Share the spirit of aloha to create a safe, healing environment for your body, mind, and soul.


Shamanic Journeys

Discover how to move your awareness to alternate realities. Travel to spiritual realms that bring you surprising wisdom and healing. Talk with animals, merge with trees, and listen to the voices of rocks, clouds, and rainbows. Participants in this course will experience journeying for themselves and others for purposes of healing.

Let the heartbeat of the drum carry you toward that which your soul most needs, and experience for yourself an expanding awareness of Spirit.

Everyone can apply these gentle techniques to communicate in the world of Spirit through seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. Connect with personal Guidance as you use your intuition to heal your relationships, your body, your self.

In this dynamic experiential workshop, participants will discover tools and techniques for sending and receiving messages, channeling Spirit, staying grounded, and facilitating healing. Both beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.


Celebration Shout

Life is not only about the money, not only about the perfect house, security, the perfect job, stability, or holding onto the past. It is about celebrating in the Now, recognizing the perfection of all that is, letting it grow, and manifesting it throughout life. Let’s do it!

We will focus on goals, gaining clarity on those goals that will bring us true joy and happiness. With the use of Thought Field Therapy (self-acupressure) we will release our personal resistance to those goals and to our celebration of life. Making our goals tangible and accessible, we will verbalize, visualize, energize, and more fully become the successful and loving people we already are.

Kundalini exercises are used to raise the energy inside and out. Expanding even more, we will develop manifestation rituals in order to create “that or something better for the Highest Good of all concerned.” With no barriers, no reserve, and no injunctions, let us DEMAND from ourselves and the limitless Universe, that which makes us happy, healthy, prosperous, loving and loved.class=”italic”> Let’s shout it out to the world!


Creating Dynamic Relationships

By strengthening the love, trust and faith in ourselves, others, and Spirit, we can more fully celebrate who we are and what we bring into any relationship. This workshop is for those wishing to deepen and enrich a current partnership, as well as those seeking to attract and create more meaningful future relationships. Discover how to nurture, bless, and honor both yourself and others with a dynamic, flexible, and loving approach to wholeness.

“Marcia Rogat was professional, well-organized, humorous, accepting, friendly, and awesome! I look forward to taking future workshops from her.” —S. Kane, Denver, Colorado

“Mr. Rogat is a many faceted individual and in his counseling is able to call upon many skills. I have found him to be very clear in his teaching methods…and expert in his field. I recommend him for his abundance of knowledge, his ethical principles and his openness to continue to teach and learn.” —R. J. Hill, PhD., Colorado Springs, Colorado