Educational Consulting

42555893_mBringing over 25 years of experience in both public and private educational institutions, Creative Thought Center offers a variety of workshops and lectures especially tailored for teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents. Drawing upon participants’ creativity, insight, and desire to grow, these dynamic seminars bring new enthusiasm to both the workplace and one’s personal life.

Continuing education credit may be offered. Check with your local school or department of education.

A sampling of topics is listed below:

  • Creating an Advisory Program that Works! Offering a customized approach to developing and implementing an advisor-advisee program for middle school and high school students.
  • Helping Teens Grow Toward Independence A seminar for parents and guardians who want to support their teens in becoming more confident, thoughtful, and responsible young adults.
  • Making the Grade! Based on Thomas Guskey’s research, examines both philosophy and methodology behind teacher assignment of classroom grades. Helps schools arrive at greater awareness and consistency in grading among faculty across all departments.
  • Appreciating Diversity A seminar offering awareness and appreciation of differences through the profound sharing of experiences among participants. Marcia Rogat is a certified trainer with the National Coalition Building Institute.
  • Can Too Much Information be a Bad Thing? A responsible approach for schools using the technology of on-line grades, homework pages and email. How to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding within and beyond the school community.
  • Healthy Sexuality A research-based curriculum for middle school students that may be taught as an abstinence-only or abstinence-based program depending upon local needs. Marcia Rogat is a certified trainer with the Rocky Mountain Center for Health Promotion and Education, offering teachers up-to-date information and curriculum training.
  • Reclaiming the Balance How to help dedicated teachers respond to difficult and challenging situations with parents. Prevent teacher burn-out! Empower yourself, the parent, and the student through effective communication and conflict resolution techniques.

If you are interested in attending or organizing one of these workshops, please email Marcia Rogat at

“I am still hearing rave reviews about your wonderful work, Marcia! Your presentation and the effort you took to articulate your important ideas has been enormously useful to your colleagues all over the state. Congratulations!”
—C. Levinson, Executive Director, NC Association of Independent Schools, Greensboro, North Carolina

“Marcia is a fabulous facilitator! She has a way of giving personal feedback and suggestions that make me believe I can keep growing and become continually better at whatever I want to do!”
—R. Rollings, Lewes, Delaware